White Azure Villa On Koh Phangan
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White Azure is a contemporary eco-friendly villa located in the Gulf of Thailand on the east coast of the island of Koh Phangan

This contemporary Asian style villa is set within 2200 square meters of landscaped tropical gardens with steps leading down to its own private rocky beach and small sandy beach area with a large sala set back on the rocks. The garden has many fruit trees including coconuts, papaya, pineapples, bananas, and cashew nuts as well as a large assortment of tropical plants and flowers.

Why Choose the White Azure Villa?

The 4 bedroom villa is set within the lush jungle of Than Sadet overlooking the sea and bay, 300 meters from Than Sadet’s sandy beaches and National Park.

The villa comes with staff that live onsite in a separate house and are there to enhance your holiday experience by providing Cooking, Cleaning, Thai massage and outside taxi services,

Take a peak inside The White Azure Villa...

A word from our guests

Than Sadet National Park

When translated literally, Than Sadet means the Royal Waterfall Retreat. The name refers to the long-running tradition of visits from members of Thai royalty to the deep fresh-water cascades set in the jungle about 10 minutes walk from the beach. The falls by many are considered sacred and water is collected to be used in certain Royal Ceremonies that obtain water from only a few sources around Thailand. A wooden pagoda just off the beach is kept swept and polished as a royal reception house

The National Park at Than Sadet was established in 1999 to help keep the waterfall and surrounding jungle clean and rubbish-free, to clamp down on any illegal hunting, and to halt attempts at the kind of unfettered development that has spoiled other parts of the island. Thanks to the presence of a manned National Park office, as well as the efforts of the local people, Than Sadet remains a unspoilt spot.

In recent times, monkeys have started to reappear at the waterfall. Other native four-legged creatures of Than Sadet include wild boar and deer, squirrel, possum and the harmless, alligator look-alike giant monitor lizard. Bats, flying foxes, dolphins and turtles are also frequently spotted. Fish such as red snapper, mackerel, barracuda, can be caught off shore. Song birds along with large birds of prey including sea eagles and kites, inhabit the areas lush vegetation and cliffs.

Than Sadet has 2 beaches the first being Than Sadet beach which is probably the best beach on the island for swimming since it shelves off sharply in to deep water. The river from the waterfall flows in to the sea at the end of this beach which is great for washing off with fresh water when coming out of the sea and bathing for children. There is a small bridge crossing the river which leads to a footpath that crosses a small hill over to the second beach of Tong Reng. This is a 5 minute’s walk to a beautiful undeveloped beach with shallow water leading out about 100M before becoming deep and is ideal for young children learning to swim as well as for people just wanting the privacy of their own paradise beach. There are no bars or resorts located on this beach so you need to bring your own drinks and food. Tong Reng beach is probably one of the islands best kept secrets and is usually devoid of people for this reason.

A well-marked walking trail leads from Than Sadet beach to the falls or from the road as well as to Than Sadets second bay of Tong Reng beach a 5 minute’s walk. Other trails lead over the high ridges on either side of the cove, past the hibiscus bushes, the coconut and banana groves, mango, papaya and cashew trees of the beach and into the dense jungle. Popular hikes include a 25 minutes uphill hike to a flat-rock offering a superb view of Than Sadets double bay, and a 45 minutes hike to the nearby bays of nearby Tong Nai Pan Yai and Tong Nay Pan Noi 4k. Many other trails exist through the National Park.

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